crouch, hold, touch, Engage - Te Ture Whenua Māori Act review report released

Pardon my puns. I just read the latest confidential document doing the rounds ( probably not so confidential now ) on the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act. They use the word 'Engaged' a lot. It did in fact give me scrum imagery. very rugby - very kiwiana.

Like if your not an 'engaged' ( that word again ) owner then there is a recommendation that they only need a majority of 'engaged' people to do stuff with that land. Another recommendation is without 'engagement' theyll appoint an external person to do what they like with the land.

What about Mana Whenua? What about Tino Rangatiratanga? What about recommendations that instead support these ideas that have the potential to use the land in a sustainable way that feeds, houses and nurtures whanau? what about putting some resource in that. just sayin

My translation of said document premised also by the profile of the economic acolytes from the temple of treaty settlements who have been moving this process forward

It will make it easier to convert the minuscule amount of Maori land left into Dairy Farms. Because thats what we need right? more intensive dairy farms polluting our rivers. to feed China. fckn fonterra great.

Of course having an external manager will make it easier for industry to access any potential resources in the land, I dont know maybe drill for some oil or something like that?

Dont take my word for it though - join your own dots. See what fun patterns you can make. click here