remember the force ....

the Internet Mana Party .... things that make you go hmmmmm

Internet .....  Mana ...... Party Doesn't really roll off the tongue does it? 

What could these two very different types of anti-establishment groups have in common? One's an urban, middle-class, tech-savy gaming nerds type, the other's a strong socialist roots based on Tino Rangatiratanga group.

Could this get any traction? Well why not? 

And as amusing as it is watching Key hand Labour its ass over and over again. ( getting rid of Shane Jones by giving him a job and then delivering 'Labours' Budget -G-e-n-i-u-s- ) the Left needs something to happen. I mean fuggin anything.... seriously

A part of it is that a huge number of people don't vote and engaging that demographic of non-voters is the game changer.

People, for example, like my neighbour Gary the Bogan - pākeha - early 30s - purveyor of 80s metal music - Assassins Creed™ enthusiast -  Gary also insists that pizza is a food group and doesn't vote because its "a "waste of time" and "its all illuminati and shit bro" .....

How do we motivate / engage people like Gary?  and even younger folks who give even a less of a shit than Gary does. I mean I can't even get him off my couch.

In order to do that you would need like marketing and publicity specifically targeted to that demographic coupled with an enrollments strategy to get them down to the booths so they can tick the right boxes. 

Could such a strategy be implemented? It seems implausible. improbable even. I mean you would basically need like a millionaire or something with stacks of cash to bankroll it and ya know like  .... oh wait a minute ...

The obstacles facing this Mana-Internet configuration are articulated nicely by Sparrowhawk-Kārearea the analysis points for the need to have a central positive idea or values for the uninitiated to flock too like moths to the political flame so to speak. These are sorta jedi mind tricks National and Labour pull on their minions. Perhaps something that rides on the anti-GCSB hysteria yet framed positively maybe Liberty or Freedom - or some similar shit that comes out of a Marvel movie - yet sounds good in 20 second sound bites - I feel a focus group get together coming on to do the linguistic gymnastics that will 'add value'. Just not whoever thought up 'Internet Party' - that person should be sent straight to the nerd corner and made to take cool lessons from the Fonz

Internet Mana as a name, a mantra to mobilise around. You lose 20 political sexy points for having that particular combination.

Internet Party sounds like an ISP someone with an 0800 number you would call because you cant figure out what the different coloured lights mean on your modem. Only a committee of IT Help-Desk professionals with the social skills of one night old pizza left on a gaming console could think to come up with a name 'Internet Party' and then join that to Mana to have 'Internet-Mana'. Nomenclature 101 to the side... the other thing the Internet Party ( hate that name .. ) needs is a leader that the Left know and respects to you know grease wheels of the deal. ( oh wait they just did that with Laila Harre )

Sparrowhawk-Kārearea also refers to the voting population - that analysis which is fine if that was the targeted populace - they aren't or shouldn't be. Socially conservative mildly-lefty voters have never and would never step out of their comfort zones - trying to convince them otherwise is just a waste of resources. 

Those tend to be more comfortable with the 
mediocrity of Labour / United Future - or worse NZ First. 

So much so that I have whanaunga (relatives) who would vote for my toaster if it stood as a Labour candidate. I shit you not( Note: I call this the 'Toaster Effect'.) and I bet every Māori with a library card has a similar relative and knows what im talking about.

Some are jumping ship and although I respect Sue Bradford I cannot see the logic of continually doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Those who are less pure in the Marxist faith and stuck around also probably thought so as well.

Would Marx's seminal Das Kapital have been written if he wasn't bludging of his rich buddy Engels?

The other accusation laid at Dotcoms door is that he is a neoliberal millionaire.

When does a millionaire become a 'neoliberal millionaire'? 

Surely they have to participate in the structural adjustment of a third world economy? 

or do they make it rich on the privatisation of our once state owned utility companies

If that is the criteria I cant see how Dotcom fits into that mold - his core business is internet storage its not like he is oil drilling off the coast of Te Reinga or using sweatshops in China. 

He comes across as a big German gaming nerd that made bank by doing internet bollocks and has now stumbled into NZ Politics via a GCSB raid. In that respect he's not that different from the 5 geeks currently in my lounge right now playing Gears of War™ - except they wish they had thought up the internet storage thing first so that they could be smashing the cash like Dotcom had. 

Hone, Minto and others in Mana knew this and know they have to roll a hard six, take a gamble and see if something better might happen and that dice right now is spinning.

Dotcom has got plenty of time to fug things up between now and September - yet any political newbie whether rich or poor deserves the benefit of the doubt and time to learn stuff right?

“Don't be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn't do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn't know what you know today.” - Malcom X

Fly or fail at least shit will be interesting im getting beer and popcorn....

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