Top 10 Songs about Time

Merovingian: Yes, of course. Who has time? Who has time? But then if we never *take* time, how can we have time?

Hey time travelers some random music videos about ya know time stuff. something to chill too between bounces on the space-time continuum.







Top 10 Movies 2014

Intergalactic Movie review 2014

2014? .... the rich got richer, the poor got poorer .... the planet got polluted-er ( thats not even a word - I just wanted something ending in -er ) and the corrupt got elected ... ensuring that we here on the outskirts of Empire continue to do our bit for the Oligarchy

< sigh > pass me a bag of chips and some beer ( lots of beer ) and then let's pretend that didnt happen.... for a while ---- dum dum dahhhhh Movie time ....

in no particular order 10 the best movies I got around to watching in 2014. there may be some better ones that I just didnt get around to watching them note* I havent yet got around to see Dead Lands or Pa Boys - I plan too. At the time of screening I was either a) too broke at the time or b) they didnt screen long enough or c) both.


Nothing says 'Fuck You Climate Change denier' than being stuck on a train in the future that goes round and round the planet with the remnants of humanity as they go at it level by level video game style in ever increasing heinousness proportions

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Just so you know. that IF the Apes did rise up and take over the Earth - I am going to totally sell you out. and im joining the Apes. my money is on the Apes doing a better job of looking after the planet than humans did. but yeah liked this film a lot. of course it is anthropocentric but hey thats because humans made it. oh and this actually isnt the trailer. but shit was funny and bang on.


We all need a bit of warm and fuzzy ... the kinda boost that says hey maybe things are not so shit after all. hope and all that etc add your own adverb <here> to conjugate the positivity. Like.

Wolf Children

How did I miss this film earlier on in? was probably doing something boring like paying bills or something - finally got around to it in 2014

the Dark Horse

No doubt loved by Māori nerds nationwide - its Once were warriors meets chess - I read in a review they needed the Once were warriors bit in there to get the funding. stink one. - anyway. loved the dude that played the Dad in this Wayne Hapi. legend. he made the whole gang member schtick more multi-dimensional which doesnt happen often. actually its never happened. they are usually 2 dimensional people based on bad news headlines designed to scare white people into the picture theatre so they can collectively nod their heads and go ahum. yeah thats what they are like. ah yeah ok too much analysis from me. ill shut up about it now. shit is good though. see it

Guardians of the Galaxy

Fun times. the 80s soundtrack gave it that. ah ok. so thats what space adventure should feel about. all out space bollocks with a soundtrack that pulls on the nostalgic heart strings. I had too minus 10 betchels test points though when Drax calls Gommora a whore. WTF. ??
oh and not the real trailer again. but accurate.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson doing wes anderson shit. probably the bestest Wes Andersonian shit eva. need i say more?

What we do in the Shadows

Made by Māori, starring Māori. and its not about identity. or being in a gang and other cliches. its about vampires and werewolves and stuff like that. im feelin it. and also about Wellington. ( love that city ) ah yes. everyone who has experienced the true Wellington will be saying. hey I too have thrown up on those streets. noice.

X-Men Days of Future Past

OK so ive been an X-Men nerd for ages now. comics the whole bit. the whole Magneto's Malcom X to Xavier's Martin Luther King - the whole civil rights angle with mutant powers. white privilege aside cool.

This was the coolest scene from the movie btw.


Ignore the American Flag fluttering in the background and the fact they dont mention why the Planet is so fucked humans have to leave. probably because the only superpower in the world consumed more than anyone else and then fucked up the climate change negotiations - and the biological diversity negotiations etc etc and  - oh and a bit of that twilight-zone-ness in the middle there. its got like proper science theories and shit driving it. wow. wormholes. blackholes. time dilation. singularity. the event horizon. mint.