Stop the Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities in Australia - Solidarity in Aotearoa

If you havent heard - the rednecks running the Australia Govt intend on shutting down around 150 remote communities in Western Australia - communities which are predominately Aboriginal. Many Māori are comming out in support both here in Aotearoa and in Australia. Mean.

So if your free please get along to support but also to find out more about the struggles of our bothers and sisters on the other side of the ditch.

Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton,

I think its important to remember that decisions like these that kick Indigenous Peoples off their lands are not made in isolation.  They are connected and they are often made by the same people and the same corporations that want the minerals and perceived wealth sitting under those lands.  Those mining sites are often Dreaming places or part of songlines with immense spiritual significance making them even more important to protect.  Imagine how catholics would feel if Mining companies wanted to dig up the Vatican?

A number of years ago I remember pondering and discussing many of these issues at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.  We sat around the Fire with Aunt Isabel Coe and other elders getting ready to march on Parliament protesting the Aus Government passing amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act which was a part of the Northern Territory Intervention.

If we are to truly support the tangata whenua of another land then we as Māori need to support that struggle in its entirety. Its all very well to talk about Papanui (sic ) and Rangituanuku (sic) while here in Aotearoa - but then up sticks and get a mining job in another Indigenous Peoples land, which may desecrate their sacred sites and/or pollute the environment on which those communities are reliant upon.

When we are manuhiri in another persons land - we must try to whakaiti ourselves and to understand their tikanga and ways of being.

When I tell my Mozzie cousins this ( Māori Aussies) some of them get all angry birds and shit.  I'm always like. Hey Gummon cuzzies, I know everyone is in Aussie because the jobs are shit in Aotearoa.  Being Māori is more than putting on those felt-tip pen moko when you do your cultural thingy.  We/you/ them should at least talk about it.  Mā te kōrero ka mohio, mā te mohio, ka mārama, mā te marama ka tika te mahi ( and shit like that etc ).


Some of the political parties have even come out in support Greens, Labour, Māori Party. One MP in particular wanting to call out head convict in charge PM Tony Abott

Shot Marama Fox

Will this mean that these parties will support people getting turfed out on on their ear, here in their own backyard? You would fugin think so im sure.  It happens in Australia and it happens here as well, differently of course, people are being turfed out of affordable places to live and/or being told where to live if you want to access appropriate services.

Because so many of our people fall into the lower socio-economic when State houses get sold off that means our people get the arse. So gummon. If your supporting people over there - you can support them here. Just recently four housing activists were arrested (28th March) as a part of the Tamaki Housing Group the struggle of that community is symptomatic of the struggle of many of our communities throughout Aotearoa.

NZ First on the back of their success in Northland are not supporting the call to call-out the Abott regime.  I suspect that this is because they will soon need to kick into xenophobia mode to exploit their growing support base amongst hillbilly NZ. [Thanks for the by-election laughs Uncle Winnie - but ah yea nah bro..]

Incidentally the last time an MP wanted to call out the Australia Govt over Aboriginal Rights it was Hone Harawira - remember that? he was in the Māori Party then.

Anyway wherever you are dont be afraid to be heard.

and if you need help here are some solid sounds to help get your protest on